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H.P. Digger

Horacio Philander Digger (H.P. for short) H.P. came home from the Water Wars, hoping to find comfort in the arms of his young wife and infant son only to find they had died while he was away. Now, rage consumes him, twisting his easygoing nature into bitter hatred and H.P turns to opium and women to dull the memories and the pain they carry.

He knew how to blow things up, having grown up in the silver mines high in the barren mountains outside of New Hollywood. H.P.’s father taught him how to set charges when he was ten years old and H.P. fell in love with that awe-inspiring power.

Too many cave-ins left H.P. with a terrible claustrophobia that only the other Non-Prophets knew about. H.P. managed to hide his fear and pain behind a wicked sense of humor and a plastered on smile. No one suspected he was dead inside except for his closest friend, Virgil Slidehammer. 

The only thing that brought H.P. any joy was being on stage with the Non-Prophets. H.P. often wished they played every night because he always slept best after a show. No amount of opium or sex helped him sleep like playing a show.

H.P. promised Veritas he would help get the City to Oasis and after that, he thought he just might blow his brains out. He would have to wait and see if anything seemed worth living for once the City found the green place.

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