Professor Slidehammer

Professor Virgil Slidehammer: Virgil Slidehammer, Professor of Wastelands antiquities and artifacts, preferred the quiet life. Before the Water Wars, Professor Slidehammer spent his time in research and scholarly pursuits. When the Western Empires of Ameriko declared war on the Republic of Texico, he and H.P. Digger left their wives and sons to go fight so their families would have enough water.

Professor Slidehammer, consumed with bitterness after the brutal years of the Water Wars, still had his family at least; unlike his friend, H.P. Virgil worried constantly about his wife and young son and when the Western Empires Regime started killing off the poor to ensure enough water for the rich, Virgil decided he’d had enough of governments and the Towns. No matter what dangers lie ahead in the Waste, Virgil knew for certain what dangers lie in staying in Town.  

When Veritas and H.P. came to him, asking him to join them in the search for Oasis, Virgil knew it was his chance to get his family away from the Town and somewhere safe.  Virgil had survived the Water Wars with these men and he trusted them with his life and those of his wife and son. Virgil had been to a green place, once, with H.P. and he had never forgotten it. Virgil loaded his guns, packed up his family and disappeared into the Waste in search of a safe place where he could get back his quiet life of study and music. 

Now, Virgil, a Non-Prophet, uses his knowledge of the artifacts left by the Before People to help Sovereign City navigate the dangers of the Waste in search of that last great green place, Oasis.