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Our Gentleman Scholar and Musical Aficionado, Dr. Staccato will surprise you with what he can do with a scalpel.....!

Ryan Ilyich Staccato Phd. was born 5 November 1984 in Pittsburgh PA to immigrants Ludwig and Анжелика Staccato. Ryan began his study of the violin at a very young age and at the tender age of eleven, was shipped off to the German School of Music at Kangnam University. At the age of 19 he completed his doctoral dissertation and took the name Dr. Staccato, but found little pride in his accomplishments, as he now faced a vast emptiness from his past. He had spent his entire life studying music, and with the passing of both of his parents, he now questioned the direction of his existence. It was within this emptiness and sense of loss that he found a new calling....a desire to heal- himself and others. He decided that he would become a veterinarian and pursued a second doctorate degree, but due to his limited formal education in youth, he faced new challenges. Dr. Staccato dropped out of his veterinarian schooling in his fourth year at the start of the New World War. Continued studies in a post apocalyptic world seemed like a moot point. Year 3 PAE (postapocalyptic era) marked the day that Dr. Staccato and Sovereign Citizen would finally meet. Uncle Sovereign ran a traveling circus that was passing through New Hollywood in the Empire of Montanaho. A terrible accident at one of their shows resulted in Lieutenant General TK being horribly disfigured. Their engineer, know as Digger, mockingly shouted into the audience “Is there a doctor in the house!” and while Dr. Staccato had not completed his veterinarian schooling, he was still in fact a doctor (of music). The Dr. and Digger worked tirelessly through the night, however, the extensive damage sustained by General TK would require radical action on the part of both men. It only seems appropriate that staccato means to "sharply detach or separate", as inevitably this was the only action that would save the General. They removed his left arm and eye, replacing them with the Ashley superior cybernetic enhancements. Dr. Staccato now travels with Sovereign Citizen and The Non Prophets as their Chief Medical Officer, and while he is by no means a fully trained medical professional, he certainly does the trick in this post apocalyptic world!