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Dr. Staccato

Our Gentleman Scholar and Musical Aficionado, Dr. Staccato will surprise you with what he can do with a scalpel.....!

Dr. Sterling Staccato: Sterling Staccato had two interests, the violin, and the human body. As a field medic during the Water Wars, he had learned not only how to save lives but also to replace various body parts with whatever he could find. As a matter of fact, he was his own first patient.

Sterling only attended three years of veterinary school before the Water Wars broke out. Feeling it was his duty to fight for the Western Empires and their bid to secure enough water for their people; he left school to go to war and ended up assigned to Veritas’s unit as the medic.

Sterling lost his right eye when a piece of shrapnel embedded itself in his face during a battle. Ripping the metal fragment and his own eye out of the destroyed socket, he slapped a bandage over the bleeding hole in his face and went right back to tying off the femoral artery of the dying man he was working on.

Dr. Staccato has no problem using his medical skills to “extract” information from their enemies as Sovereign City makes the perilous journey through the Wastelands, searching for Oasis.  He will use any means necessary to help get Sovereign City to the last green place.

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