Lady Ophelia

Ophelia, the Lady Sovereign: Ophelia has known Veritas literally her entire life. They had been born in the fabled Oasis, the last green place. Forced to flee from disease when she and Veritas were small children, Ophelia never quit yearning for home. She still remembers the feeling of grass beneath her feet and the smell of fresh water.

Ophelia begged Veritas not to go to war. As soon as he told her he planned to go fight, she read his tarot cards. When she told him the cards said he would suffer much pain because of this war, he refused to listen, even though he knew she had inherited the Goddess’s Gift from her grandmother.

Three days after Veritas left, she found out she was pregnant. There was no way she could take care of a baby by herself. She was only sixteen and alone, her parents were dead and so were Veritas’s. The only thing of value she had was her grandmother’s silver scrying bowl. Using her water rations, she filled the bowl, hoping the Goddess would grant her a glimpse of what was to come. 

The Goddess answered her prayers and gave Ophelia a glimpse of the future. The vision in the scrying bowl prevented her from taking the herbs that would have purged the babe from her womb. The child, a son, must survive. Ophelia decided to give the child to a rich family when he was born, even though it shattered her heart to do so. 

When the child was born, after long, grueling months struggling to stay as healthy for her baby as possible, she named him Cern, kissed his dark hair, and then handed him over to the healer. Ophelia prayed to the Morrigan to take care of her baby boy and let these people love him. Tears streamed down her face as she watched them walk away with her son but she knew it was his only chance for survival. 

Ophelia now runs the Copper Coyote, and it is the heart of Sovereign City, just as she is its Healer. She reads the cards and the signs as she helps guide Veritas through the Wastelands and the dangerous world of Town politics with a single purpose, getting her people home to Oasis.