General T.K.

Theophilus Krenshaw (General T.K.) Theophilus loves guns. He has many but his most favorite is Celeste. She sends people to their celestial rewards. No one understands him quite like Celeste. She knows he’s lost in the dark and shines a light so he can find his way.

T.K. has always heard voices, some of them not so pleasant. He was slowly rotting to death in the blackest cell in the Ft. Spokanistan jail for shooting his neighbor, who happened to be a very bad man that liked to touch little girls.  T.K. felt no remorse for what he had done, the man deserved to die. What T.K. did not understand was why he hadn’t been hanged yet.

One day, while rotting away, a man came to his cell.  The man wanted to know if T.K ever missed his shot. T.K. snorted, he hadn’t missed a shot since he was small. The man said the Western Empires of Ameriko needed T.K. to go and fight for the people. Since T.K. did not have anything better to do, he agreed.

Even the horrors of T.K.’s mind could not prepare him for the things he saw during the Water Wars. T.K. did not mind the loss of his arm or his eye during the Wars because those injuries did not interfere with his ability to shoot. 

He did mind what the Western Empires did when they won the war. The wholesale slaughter of the same desperate people he had fought for enraged T.K. He knew he was crazy but when the government he sacrificed those body parts for turned on their own populous, he felt dirty and used.

Now, for the first time in his life, T.K. has a purpose. As a Non-Prophet, he uses his skills to help his brothers survive in the Wastelands as they search for Oasis.