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~Vola Alte~


Vola Alte, roughly translated from Latin, is an instructive statement meaning “Fly High”. Though Icarus may disagree with the notion, it’s a safe wager that his folly was related more to equipment than ambition. If you have acquired wings, should you not reach for new heights? Straid thinks it is so. Vola Alte is both a declaration, invitation and a reminder to refuse to settle for firm ground when you can instead ascend to higher places in all areas you put your efforts to.

From Mind To Stage

Straid is a character who dances fluidly from the immaterial corners of the creative mind to the physical plane of performance art. The mask is meant to embody a notion, ideal and symbolism as well as to free the man beneath from preconceived notions and restrictions. Straid is a vehicle for sharing deeper thoughts and energy with any and all who might dare to stop and watch.


You will find this creature most often surrounded on stage by the members of the act known as Sovereign Citizen & The Non-Prophets. Beyond that you will, on occasion, see him flying solo and armed with voice and guitar. Of course, you will find his ventures and musings right here on this page.

Step forth and connect with the Owl.