~Vola Alte~

Straid: Growing up in the Wastelands, Straid was thirsty for knowledge. He collected every book he found buried in the ever-shifting sands of the Waste and painstakingly taught himself how to read. He knew instinctively that knowledge was power and set about gathering as much information as possible.

Straid knew the Waste like the back of his hand and made maps of the desolate landscape his entire life. He knew where the PTAR pits were, where the fresh water springs lay hidden in the hills and where the Savager bands roamed. He fought the Water Wars for his parents, siblings and his tiny Scavenger camp, so they could have enough to drink and that was it. He cared nothing for governments or politics.

Straid met Veritas Truth and the other Non-Prophets during the Water Wars. He tracked for the unit, guiding them through the Wastelands, teaching them everything he knew about surviving in the hostile country. Straid could locate the enemy in the pitch black of a moonless night, get Digger in close with his explosives, set the charges, and kill the entire camp without a sound.

Straid said good-bye to his brothers in arms when the Wars were over and went back into the Waste to find his family’s Scavenger camp. All he found was what was left of them after what looked like a Savager attack. 

Left with nothing, Straid went in search of Veritas and the others. When he found them, Veritas asked him to join the Non-Prophets and help guide them through the Waste as they searched for the last green place.

Straid, now a Non-Prophet, is the gatherer and keeper of knowledge for Sovereign City. He runs an extensive spy network, with eyes in every Town throughout the Western Empires. He wears an Owl mask wherever he goes to protect his identity so he can move freely in Towns. Only the other Non-Prophets, Ophelia and his woman, one of the Sovereign Sisters, Monarch knows his true face. He uses these skills to navigate the Waste and protect the people that have become his family as they make their way to Oasis.