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Veritas Truth:  Veritas learned in the Water Wars that the powerful only care about one thing: more power. Water is power in this rotting corpse of a world and those who control the water control all things.

The tyrannical Republic of Texico controlled the largest water sources in all the Wastelands. The Republic refused to share the water with the Western Empires of Ameriko, no matter what the Empires offered in trade. The Western Empires were running out of clean water and were growing more and more desperate. Hatred for the Republic of Texico spread like a disease until war broke out. 

Veritas, young and idealistic, left his girl, Ophelia to go fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. The Western Empires Council promised to share the water with all people, including the innocents in the Republic of Texico. 

When the Western Empires finally won the Water Wars after five long and bloody years, they took over the water sources. Veritas and his men went back to Fort Spokanistan, looking forward to settling down, starting families, and never having to worry about water ever again.

The Council of the Western Empires refused to keep their promises. They declared water a precious commodity. Only the very rich could afford to pay the exorbitant price the Council placed on the water Veritas and his men had fought, bled, and killed to secure.

Disgusted and bitter, Veritas decided he was going to find a way back to Oasis, his childhood home. He and his girl, Ophelia were born there but their families had to flee the safety of Oasis because of disease. Oasis was a green place high in the mountains with an abundance of water. Veritas asked the six men came back with him from the Wars to bring their families and join him on his quest.

Now, twenty years later, he finds himself, Ophelia, and his six friends, leading Sovereign City and the Citizens through the Wastelands, taking in those who are looking for a better life, one free of anyone else’s rules but their own. 

Veritas knows from the Water Wars the government is never on your side and every Townie he meets is just another hustle waiting to happen. Veritas will use any means necessary to get Sovereign City home to Oasis and may the dead God of the Before People have mercy on anyone who gets in his way.

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