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Cowboy Grunge for your earballs

Hand That Holds You Down

Official Music Video

Single from our 3rd CD to be released May of 2020.



We invite you to join us on a musical journey, excite your senses with the sights and sounds of a parallel universe....Where up is down, color has a flavor and reality as you know it might just be someone else’s dream! Let loose your alternate personalities, bring your hats, masks and kooky attire....join us for a night of shenanigans. You won’t regret it...we promise!

We are a 7 piece band featuring country instruments with rock songwriting and vocals. Sovereign & The Non-Prophets have been called "cowboy-grunge", "acoustic folk core" and "metal grass". Our members are well-seasoned musicians with decades of experience entertaining crowds all over the west coast. With the release of their new album Post Apocalyptic Love Songs the band is poised to share their unique blend of sounds with new audiences including festivals like Freedomfest (Las Vegas), Pig Out in the Park (Spokane) and state fairs around the Northwest.

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Sovereign & The Non Prophets have been making a buzz in the music industry with incredible tunes. If you’re ready to feature Sovereign & The Non Prophets in any way, please be in touch.


P.O. Box 14086
Spokane, WA 99214


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